Jamie D. Stern, Member at Large

Jamie Stern is a third generation Indo born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her Indo roots come from her loving mother, Terri, who was born in Semarang, Indonesia. Terri’s family left Indonesia in 1958 and repatriated to the Netherlands where they stayed for four years before immigrating to US in the early 1960s. Jamie’s heritage is further mixed by her father’s side which is Russian Jew extraction.  She most closely identifies with the Indos and regards herself as an Indo-American.

Jamie earned her B.A. in Geography from the University of Southern California and has recently completed her M.A. in Cultural Geography, which was largely based on the work she’s done for TIP’s ethnographic research. Jamie functions as TIP’s geography academic and one of their researchers. She developed “The Indo 2012 Survey”, which focused on gathering current data that could answer salient questions regarding the geographical dispersion of Indos in the United States, their accomplishments, and their contributions to society. As a member of the third generation, she focuses on reaching out to other young Indos while documenting the unique Indo culture in English to help preserve for future generations.

“I feel enthusiastically committed to reaching out to third-generation Indos who seek and deserve the knowledge of our deep and rich history; one of the most unique cultural groups in the world! I feel honored to have this opportunity to serve my Indo community and feel that by doing so, I am also honoring the lives of my beloved Oma and Opa.” 

 jamies @ theindoproject.org   (to avoid spam we added spaces – please retype the email address)