ericEric Morgan is a second generation Indo. He and his wife Linda and their two teenage daughters Jessica and Melissa live in Lakewood, Southern California. Eric’s parents were born in Indonesia. His mother was born in Batavia (now Jakarta) and was held captive in De Wijik concentration camp in Malang, East Java. 
53 year old Eric, who works as a Tugboat Captain at the Port of Long Beach, found himself awakened by his rich Indo heritage and culture and how vast it was. He continues to be astounded and humbled by the courageous determination to survive that his parents and many prisoner of war survivors endured during their captivity.
It was such a painful and horrible experience to go through and to live with that many survivors, including his parents found it extremely hard to share or talk about their experience with their loved ones. Eric hopes that he can help tell those stories by writing about them and help educate next generation Indos and non-Indos about this part of world history. Eric is committed in unfolding those stories that are currently unknown and/or neglected and worse, ignored, even dismissed by some.
If you have a story to share or need an assistance in sharing your story or know of someone who is interested in sharing his/her story but does not know how to begin, please feel free to contact Eric by clicking on this link The Indo Project Submit a Story.