Who are we?

We are a dedicated group of Indos and Indo supporters who share the premise that our history and culture need to be preserved in the English language. People of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry, are called Indos, Dutch-Indonesians, or Indo-Europeans. We hail from all over the world: the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. The majority of us are the second generation born right after WWII; however, our supporters range from all ages. We all have some kind of direct connection to the former Dutch East Indies, which is now known as the Republic of Indonesia.

We are all volunteers, non-paid staff, and board members alike, contributing our experience, skills, and time to make something we deeply believe in a reality.

Our mission is rooted in keeping alive the Indo history and culture in future generations and attaining recognition for what our first generation has experienced. The Indo Project wants to honor the legacy that our parents, grandparents, and other Indos have left us and have worked so hard to attain…a future for the younger generations.

The interest in Indo heritage is growing.  By establishing The Indo Project as an international nonprofit organization, we aim to educate and raise awareness among the English-speaking public about our rich heritage and capture the remarkable assimilation of Indos in their respective adopted countries.

The Indo Project has received the CANDID Silver Seal of Transparency since 2023. Now everyone can learn more about the work of our organization and easily contact us for more information. Check out our updated profile on CANDID – click on the image below.


CANDID is an official USA organization specializing in reporting and rating more than 2.5 million U.S. nonprofits.