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Indos are thriving worldwide. Sometimes, however, Indos in California may not feel that sense of communal belonging or historical presence, and yet we truly are an authentic community. To this point, Dutch freelance journalist Inge Oosterhoff, has published a wonderful new long form article in the Dutch newspaper, De Groene Amsterdammer, which excavates the long history of Indos in the U.S. (primarily California) stretching all the way back to the 1950s.

In this well researched and deeply investigated article, she provides the important context to how The Indo Project came to exist and how we all continue to do the work of those that came before us – De Indo Magazine, UNO, De Soos, Avio, the DURF, the 1945 (Herdenking) Comité, the Wapenbroeders, the Dutch Soccer Club and so many more organizations who kept our cultural identity and markers alive for this and the next generations.

Ms. Oosterhoff has graciously translated the article to English and published it to her website at  https://www.inge-o.com at the request of The Indo Project’s co-founder and chair, Priscilla Kluge-McMullen, who was interviewed extensively for the article. You will also find interesting interviews with Michael Passage of SoCal Indos, Henny Neys of American Cultural Heritage Association (NACHO), and Andrea Gruber Matthias of Dutch Indos of San Diego along with beautiful one of a kind photographs from Ms. Gruber Matthias’s personal archives. 

Ms. Oosterhoff is a freelance journalist from the Netherlands, currently living in New York City who has been published in a number of important publications like The Correspondent, De Groene Amsterdammer, Radio Doc, and more. Please read the article, it takes about fifteen minutes. Those will be some of the best fifteen minutes you’ll spend today.

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  1. This was a great story. Our Indonesian mom met my Dutch military dad in Indonesia. They married in 1950 and my mom moved to Holland. We immigrated to the US in 1959. Our Dad entered a lottery in Amsterdam and was one of many picked to move to America.
    We were sponsored by St. Phillips Episcopal church. My Dad had a job waiting for him at San Diego gas and electric. He spoke English but my mom and us 3 kids did not. Through the years our parents befriended many Dutch and Indonesian families and we have many great memories of get togethers and celebrating both Dutch and Indonesian traditions. My parents sponsored many of our Tantes and Ooms from Holland and Indonesia. We are blessed to have so many of our Indonesian cousins here in the US and enjoy family gatherings and delicious food!

  2. I love seeing these photos! I recognize many of them as friends of our family in the 60’s and 70’s! We are the Hoevers family, Gerrit and Kathrien are our parents.

  3. Good reading. Many of us having read the article can see the same parallel story and history that their families have endured. We are strong and our best bet for preservation is to share what was the past. Let the young generation know where we came from. Perhaps they can see that small flicker of an INDO flame and keep it lit UP. Ja, goed zo!..

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