The Never Before Told Story Of A Forgotten Period After WWII And A Gruesome Discovery In The Mountains Of Java. By Hans Vervoort. The War Cemetery, Kembang Kuning, in Surabaya is impressive. Thousands of white crosses for World… Read More

Shinzo Abe Visits Pearl Harbor: Breakthrough or More of the Same?

special editorial by Inez Hollander, PhD The Indo Project was pleased to see that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit and honor the victims of Pearl Harbor, which was a breakthrough and… Read More

Stop the ban on Angelina Jolie’s movie, Unbroken, in Japan.

  See the movie trailer:  Click here                                                               … Read More

The Bersiap

‘Be prepared! ” This cry of Indonesian independence fighters was the indication for a turbulent and violent period during 1945-1946 in the former Dutch East Indies. Bersiap is the name given by the Dutch to a violent and chaotic… Read More

A Festive Massacre

By: Hans Vervoort Translated from Dutch by Willem ten Wolde “Homesickness is: knowing the way in a house that no longer exists,” is one of the most beautiful statements by writer Rudy Kousbroek (Pematang Siantar 1929 – Leiden 2010)…. Read More

The Indische Kwestie Part II: The Period 1945-1953

A Special Indo Project Editorial Series Part II by Inez Hollander, Ph.D. When the Dutch East Indies were liberated after the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945, The Netherlands tried to take back its colony and conduct business as… Read More

Today’s Enemies Will Be Tomorrow’s Friends.

By Joty ter Kulve. Today’s enemies will be tomorrow’s friends—however unimaginable it might seem. I certainly did not think this when the doors of our concentration camp in Jakarta were thrown open in August 1945. I had just survived… Read More

Commemoration Ceremony San Francisco 2015.

The following speech is by Jesse Eijsbroek,  given at the commemoration ceremony in San Francisco on August 2nd, 2015: In June of 1942, the Japanese Empire launched an ambitious military logistics project to connect the existing railways between… Read More

Here Are My Memories: The Memoir of Rudolf Van de Graaff

By Sierra Jacob A special thanks to my cousin, Rachael Woodie; your detailed note-taking made this article possible. Preface: Beneath the large presence of the Washington Monument, groups of summer campers, young families, and old couples mirror the… Read More

American Prisoners of War of Japan. Honoring the Memory of World War II Veterans of the Pacific.

The following was received from Ms. Jan Thompson, President of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Society and was addressed to the Congressional Veterans’ Affairs Committees. The contents apply not only to American POW’s but also… Read More