by Jamie Stern 

Here at The Indo Project we’re busy working on the next phase of our groundbreaking research–mapping today’s Indo population. We have a brand new challenge for the Indo community. We’re aiming to map the worldwide Indo population. All information shared with TIP is 100% safe, anonymous, and will not be distributed to third parties. Join us and bring the Indo community together to show the world that our culture and history is important.

Fill out The Worldwide Indo Challenge Survey! The information you provide will allow TIP to come up with hard statistics that will be difficult to dispute–such as how Indos helped shape the world during and after WWII. Our collective participation will solidify proof, for all to see, that we are still here and in fact, are evolving. The Indo community is reconnecting and truly wonderful things are happening. It’s a reawakening of our heritage: more parties, gatherings and events are being held, more research is being conducted, more books are being written, and the younger generations are getting involved. We are celebrating the fact that we’re Indo and we’re very proud of it!

This is a huge international undertaking and the successful outcome of this initiative is dependent on the Indo community at large. From previous surveys, we heard from over 1,300 Indo people (which is a tremendous achievement) but that number translates roughly to only 1% of the Indo population (and that’s just in the US). So where is everyone else? We know you’re out there. Take the challenge…stand up and be counted!

Follow up with us each month to watch the progress and see our map grow!

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  1. Couple of years ago we had some internet connection and at that time I requested to link our sites.
    Meanwhile I have on my site and on two links created and pointing to the IndoProject, but until today I have not seen any link of my . Linking is for me a two way street. Now you send me a Newsletter with the request to forward to my third and fourth generation Indo family. I think the next step is yours.

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