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2020 marked The Indo Project’s official tenth anniversary with rebranding efforts which include revamped logo and new website amidst a tumultuous year which included a pandemic.

The Indo Project Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Indo Project Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

2020 marked The Indo Project’s official tenth year anniversary. The TIP team wishes it could have celebrated with you in person via events throughout the year, but because of the pandemic, it could not. However, the TIP Team did not let the pandemic stop them from doing important work in 2020 in its mission to Honor the Past and Preserve the Future.

Rebranding & Modernization

The Indo Project usually spends many of its efforts planning and coordinating live in-person events to personally connect with you, like 

    • the annual TIPTalks (like 2019’s US premiere of the award winning documentary, Sounds of Origin (Klanken Van Oorsprong) with our very special guest, the Director, Hetty Naaijkens all the way from NL(!)), 
    • the annual Holland Festival in Long Beach, (the largest Indo Dutch event in the U.S.)
    • King’s Day, 
    • local outreach events at the Holland International Market in Bellflower, 
    • the SoCal Indos Pasar Malam, 
    • Florida Kumpulan, and 
    • so many others.

However, because the pandemic has kept us all safely apart this year TIP has spent this unexpected downtime modernizing its operations, both internally and externally.

The most evident way TIP has rebranded is with its revamped logo and new website. TIP would like to thank all of you who participated and voted for the new logo. We trust you have enjoyed the new website and that its articles and news stories have helped you feel connected virtually to other Indos all throughout the world. 

The Indo Project has also modernized and revamped its newsletter. The newsletter is now being sent every month. Click here to sign up for the monthly newsletter – stay in the Indo know!

TIP has also been very busy behind the scenes streamlining the way it works. This modernization process has TIP operating more efficiently than ever. As a result we at TIP are able to produce more website articles, interview more noteworthy Indos, bring you ever more historical content, start new projects to address our Indo specific needs by creating initiatives to archive our history, study intergenerational trauma and bring our Indo children into full awareness of our shared unique Indo heritage.

Additionally, TIP has brought on a new class of volunteers from all over the world:

    • Ottilie Cools (Netherlands)
    • Guus Rozendaal (Switzerland)
    • Stephen Goedhart (Taiwan), 
    • Sjoekje Sasbone (USA) and 
    • Sylvie Waxman (Spain). 

We are so blessed to have so many new dynamic volunteers willing to put their time and effort into our Project.

75th Commemoration “Herdenking”

The Indo Project was represented by its chair Priscilla who attended the 75th commemoration in the Netherlands, both in Hilversum and at De Dam in Amsterdam. TIP paid their respects to the tens of thousands of men, women, and children from the former Dutch East Indies who were victims of WW2 in the Pacific.

Losses in the Indo World

Among the number of Indo luminaries we lost in 2020,  two were from our own Indo community in the US, “De Indo” magazine founder and publisher René Creutzburg and international rock star Eddie Van Halen. These profound losses remind TIP the importance of its work of preserving and celebrating Indo culture.

TIP Receives Portraits from Creutzburg Family
TIP Receives Portraits from Creutzburg Family (Franz & Traci Creutzburg, oldest son of Rene with wife) in Southern California


With the passing of “De Indo” magazine founder and publisher René Creutzburg, TIP was honored to be part of preserving his library and hand delivering treasured portraits of himself and Tjalie Robinson to his granddaughter, Moesson magazine’s Chief Editor, Vivian Boon in the Netherlands to be put on display at their headquarters. 

Messages from the TIP Board

We, at TIP, are appreciative by the Indo community’s response of our rebranding by the demand of our new logo items for sale.  Your support is continually needed to help us with the preservation, promotion and celebration of Indo culture and history through education, unification and raising public awareness. Wear your new shirts with Indo Pride to make everyone aware we exist. ~ Maureen de Schepper, TIP Board Member

We at TIP are in awe of our beloved Indo community, for the steadfast support and encouragement that will see us through these challenging times. Please stay well, take care of each other, so together, we can savor the eventual return to the things we hold dear. ~ Eric Morgan, TIP Board Member

Thank you for being here and sharing your experiences with us. Together, we’re keeping our culture alive and history preserved. I am so impressed with the vibrance and energy of our community. This upcoming new year will bring exciting endeavors for us all to engage in together. I’m truly looking forward to it! Wishing everyone a peaceful Holiday Season. With warmth and gratitude. ~ Jamie Stern, TIP Board Member, Director of Research

As we begin a second decade of our work at TIP dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture and history, I hope you will find a way to lend us your time, treasure and talent to ensure our culture never dies and that our heroes receive their due. Join us. Join the Project. ~ Patricia Teunisse, TIP Board Secretary

Having been part of the project for the past 10 years has allowed me to develop as a scholar and teacher of our cultural heritage. Working together on different programs to support our mission has strengthened my sense of belonging, accomplishment and pride. With our revitalized brand and website we ushered in a new era to better serve our community. I am excited for the future. Join us on our journey! ~ Jeff Keasberry, TIP Vice-Chair

Covid-19 has been the defining “event” of 2020 on both a global and national scale and has affected each one of us. While we have all been going through a most challenging year, YOU, our followers and supporters, have not let us down! Thank you for the support you have given us. I wish each one of you the best of health and a holiday season to remember!  ~ Priscilla Kluge McMullen, Co-founder and Board Chair

Thank You – Hartelijk Bedankt – Terima Kasih

The Indo Project would like to express its sincerest thanks to all its supporters who made its current and future work possible. Whether it is by using Amazon’s Smile, Facebook Fundraisers, PayPal Giving, TIP online donations, Memorial Wall of Love, or the #GivingTuesday campaign, The Indo Project wholeheartedly thanks you!

TIP especially would like to thank those of you who donate monthly. This continued monthly support was critical to 2020’s work and propels TIP into the anticipated work to be done in 2021.

Looking Forward to 2021

While it is unclear how 2021 will unfold, you can be assured that The Indo Project’s devotion to its mission and vision are unwavering. This year with the rebranding effort, TIP added  “unification” to its mission statement. May we all rise together to unify our community.

The Indo Project is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture and history through education, unification and raising public awareness.

In 2021, please consider uniting with us to impart the rich Indo culture by supporting and joining The Indo Project as it strives to Honor the Past, Preserve the Future.

We will see you all soon!

Happy New Year, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Selamat Tahun Baru!

The Indo Project Board

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