by Priscilla Klugen McMullen

The Indo Project (TIP) held its 8th Indo Pride Kumpulan in Lake Mary, Florida (near Orlando) on November 2, 2019.  It was a huge success with people coming from as far as Tennessee and Illinois. The film Sounds of Origin was shown followed by a  buffet of delectable Indische dishes followed up with Dutch boterkoek and poffertjes as dessert!  


After everyone settled in with a cup of coffee, tea or cold drink and cookies, Priscilla McMullen, Chair of TIP, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces celebrating our culture, our heritage.  It was especially great seeing the older generation bringing their children and grandchildren to the event emphasizing the importance of younger generation Indos to these events to ensure that our identity, our heritage and history is kept alive by passing it down to them. Priscilla turned over the microphone to Marghuerita Ilcken Scaglione, one of TIP’s Ambassadors, to emcee of the event. Marghuerita went over the program of the afternoon and also reiterated the importance of keeping and passing down our heritage & culture to the younger generations.  She asked everyone to continue to support The Indo Project in their efforts educating others about Indo culture. With her beautiful voice, Marghuerita then led us in singing “America the Beautiful” and Abba’s “I Have A Dream”. Both songs symbolizing the Indo immigrant experience in the USA.  

Marghuerita  introduced the feature film “Sounds of Origin” by filmmaker Hetty Naaijkens, The film is an in-depth documentary on Indo musicians’ influence on contemporary pop music in the Netherlands.

After enjoying the film, everyone gathered to attend the buffet made up of Nasi Goreng, White Rice, Rendang, Ayam Kerry, Gado, Sambal Goreng Boontjes with petè, sajur, emping, krupuk, sambals and more…  Then the group photo was taken. One of the guests who has attended all of our Florida kumpulans said “this was the best food ever of all the kumpulans”…what a great compliment to all the chefs who contributed their time, skills and ingredients to make the buffet such a success!

During the event raffle tickets were sold to win one of the coveted prizes displayed on the Raffle Table.  After dinner, the raffle was held with much fanfare and laughter. As the event was coming to a close, everyone agreed that we should not wait to have another kumpulan in Florida.  For anyone wanting to know about our next kumpulan in Florida, please contact TIP via email address

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to the following people  for their hard work in making this kumpulan a success!

  • Events Committee: Yvonne Emery, Marghuerita Ilcken Scaglione, Claudine Gomez, Becky Smith Muys 
  • Chefs: Yvonne Emery, Marghuerita Ilcken Scaglione, Claudine Gomez, Bea Morrison, Dana Martina, Mariette Ippel 
  • Music & Film:  Robert Utrecht and Kurt van Tuyn, Hetty van de Kreeke
  • Associates: Marcus Emery, Victor Gomez, Keith Minton


  1. Dear Hetty Naaijkens Retel Helmrich,
    without your documenting Indo history and culture with your films, many of us would not know about the many unknown pieces of our history such as you have documented in your films, Contract Pensions, Buitenkampers and Sounds of Origin. All of us in the Indo community are awaiting your next film and hope we can help make it success around the world to teach others about our culture! The Indo Project is grateful and are pleased to help you in any way!

  2. Its a great pity that I couldn’t come to Florida this time to be present at the presentation of my documentary Klanken van Oorsprong/Sounds of Origin. It seems it was a great event and on the photo’s I see some familiar faces. People who also came to the screening of my previous film “Buitenkampers/the color of survival”. That was in june 2014. I wish you all a Merry Xmass and very happy and peacefull 2020.

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