Hello Indo community and supporters!

This is Jamie Stern, and a lot has happened in the year-and-a-half since you kindly responded to my first survey. To those who are unfamiliar with the first survey, you may view the results here:  Dutch-Indonesian Survey Results 2011

As I delved more deeply into the stories you shared with me, I realized how much so many of you have endured. My heart goes out to you. Originally this research was for my Master’s thesis but I have postponed its submission to make it much more thorough. The Indo community deserves it! This survey will provide the information needed to continue my ethnographic research on the Indo people. The goal in this survey is to fully describe what has happened to the Indos and where we are today; geographically as well as within society. With this organized information, I believe we can remind the world around us of our presence. This survey is intended for each generation. We want to hear from everyone!!

This new survey will allow comparisons between information obtained in the first survey and will supplement much of it with even more precise data. Hopefully, we can establish a stronger geographical base and distribution. Through this survey, I hope to have answers for these salient questions:

1) How are we distributed geographically?
2) What have been the patterns of marriage into the general population?
3) What has been our academic progress and contributions to our society?
4) Are there any lingering effects of the migrations and WWII that are still being felt today?

Because of my research, I was invited to join and I have accepted board membership on “The Indo Project.” The Indo Project (TIP) is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of Indo culture and history through education and raising public awareness. TIP serves as a portal between the academic world and the experiential world. Being part of TIP led me to the development of this follow-up survey in which I hope you will participate. Once complete, the final report will belong to our community with our community’s statistics available for all to see!

We really appreciate your time, knowledge and information. Because of you, precious pieces of information will not be lost. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with this research!

Very Truly Yours,

Jamie Stern Board Member at The Indo Project

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